Let's Help Our Kids!

Our Mission is to assist and support, with passion and knowledge, people of all ages with dyslexia. 


Globally, we need to increase parent and teacher awareness, identify and utilize early detection methods and provide direct and explicit, multisensory structured language therapy by credentialed educators.


Let's get children with dyslexia reading!

It can be overwhelming to see all of the information available to read about dyslexia.  It is vital for parents to become educated on what dyslexia is and isn't.  Educators need to learn how to detect dyslexia and then to know what to do.

We've separated Basics of Dyslexia into categories: facts, info, book and book reviews, etc.  Select a topic in the pull down menu under awareness to get started.

​This section of the website is devoted to identifying components of a process for parents and educators.    This recommended process is just an example and is not the only way to identify a student with dyslexia and know exactly what to do after identification.

We cannot accomplish our goals without YOU!  We need to raise awareness not only nationwide but worldwide as to what dyslexia is and how to help a child with dyslexia learn to read. 


Our nation's reading skills are not where they should be and we can make a difference!


"Great resources for the parent or teacher looking for more information to better support children with dyslexia."  

-Kirsten W., teacher and parent of a dyslexic