Basics of Dyslexia

Approximately 14% of teachers say they feel confident in recognizing dyslexia in students.  We would like to see that rise significantly over the next five years.
Dyslexia Basics 


This section has lots of information for people just beginning to learn about dyslexia.  


Use the pull down menu to locate where you begin.  

We recommend that you begin with the definition of dyslexia.  Not all children having difficulty reading have dyslexia.


Trusted sites are noted as well as specific information related to dyslexia.


Dyslexia Basics will help you get started in understanding dyslexia.  See what events are in your area to help you gain a better understanding, join in social media sites to pose questions and comments, find others in your area and learn from each other.  


We also recommend a Top Ten List books to get parents and educators started in their quest to better understand dyslexia.

Events and Webinars


We cannot possibly know about all the events and webinars that could be useful to everyone.  

Use the pull down menu under Basics of Dyslexia and select one that interests you.


Learning Ally is a nonprofit organization which gives access to more than 75,000 audiobooks inclusive of core educational content and required literature titles. They have created a Parent Ally group to support families of dyslexic children.


The Learning Ally conducts parent webinars that we recommend you participate in one.

Brain Research


There is such exciting information learned about the brain every year.  We are creating a library of articles of interest.  A few graphics and articles are highlighted here.  Please email us if you are interested in more.

There seems to be a gap of what we know intellectually from scientific research and what is taught in a classroom. Bachelors and graduate degrees at many universities do not prepare teachers for what they will face in the classroom.

Educators can help by giving feedback to universities.

Use pull down menu under If Dyslexia, then what? to see results of brain research.


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