Different Learners
by Jane M. Healy, Ph.D.

Review 1:

Written with wit and wisdom, Dr. Healy says it like it is - candidly!
Raising children is the most challenging and rewarding "profession" there is.
Nobody said it was easy and there really aren't any quick fix, one size fits all answers.
Through the pages, Dr. Healy shares real time stories, anecdotes, her observations as a mom, grandmother, wife, educator and psychologist - she has watched changes in child development for nearly 50 years, the latest research in neuroscience and shares her contemplation on how technology and dietary changes affect our children.
Different Learners is the common sense handbook for trying to raise real children who will thrive each in their own way.
Worth reading - from a mom of nine!

By Avigail Roberg

Review 2:

I was looking for a book on learning differences to explore ways to help our 6 year old who seems to have an attention problem. Different Learners was so intriguing and helpful I found myself wanting to purchase a copy to re-read and mark up (I borrowed it from the library). This books shows how our genetics can be shaped by our environment, and provides practical ideas for managing our environments (what we eat, how much and what kind of media we're subjected to and from what age, how much sleep we get at each age, what toxins we're exposed to). At the same time she covers all these topics, what she writes doesn't feel overwhelming or overly prescriptive. I'm not throwing out our plastic cups and the TV set yet! But it is VERY interesting stuff on how our brain develops and how we can influence its development (and work with differences).

Healy provides case studies, cites scientific research and gives "laundry lists" related to each topic that are helpful summaries of each key part of the book. One piece of information/wisdom that got me thinking about our son is that some experts suggest that any child with attention disorders should undergo a sleep study. This is something I'm going to follow-up on with our son who is a noisy sleeper and a seemingly very deep sleeper - but I have to wonder if he's getting the right amount of REM sleep that would maximize his capacity to pay attention and be "plugged in" during the day.

By Ellen "Working Mom" (Nicaragua)