The Dyslexia Checklist
by Sandra F. Rief, M.A. and Judith M. Stern, M.A.

I'm a special educator. I have other books on this subject area (dyslexia, reading problems and language-related disorders.) This one is very useful for a couple of reasons. Although it is not exhaustive and it is nowhere near comprehensive, it is well organized and can be used quickly. The bullet-point outline format makes it easy to find things. I also really like the bibliographies and reference sections.

I really see this more as a reference for teachers than parents. The authors use a lot of jargon in the book. They do take time to define a lot of the terms, but to a reader who is using this as a reference rather than reading it cover-to-cover, that could be a hindrance.

This is a very handy reference for special educators. It can help when you're looking at differentiating instruction, thinking about accommodations and modifications for individual education plans, and even when you're planning lessons. This could also be a useful reference for content-area teachers who have special education students main-streamed into their classrooms. I also think content-area teachers of co-taught classes might find this useful. Parents who are already familiar with dyslexia and related conditions could benefit from this book.

I would NOT recommend this as a first book on the subject area. Although it covers a lot of material, it does not cover it in great depth. I would NOT recommend this as your only book on the subject area. There are places where the authors do not provide complete information. They provide extensive reference lists and bibliographies section-by-section. This is a very useful approach to references, and I have already used many of them.

I showed this to some friends of mine who were special educators. Most of them really liked it. I showed it to some parents. Some of them found the book difficult to use. They noted the jargon and the fact that the book was incomplete in some areas. I gave it four out of five.


review by A. D. Boorman