Listen to the Experts

1.  Dyslexic Advantage - What You May Not Have Heard About Dyslexia        approx 14 min in length


2.  Listen to a recent interview with Dr. Sally Shaywitz  
                                      approx. 5 min in length


3.  Marsha Sanborn -International Dyslexia Association
           approx 1.25 hrs in length


4.  Dyslexia and Assistive Technology - Best iPad Apps for Dyslexia -

            Jamie Martin - Kildonan School   
      approx 1 hr in length


5.  Headstrong Nation: Inside the Hidden World of Dyslexia & ADHD
        approx 27 min in length


6.  Researcher Maryanne Wolf: Reading is Not Natural
        approx 14 min in length