The Ohio Coalition for the Education of Children with Disabilities (OCECD) describes typical MFE testing in Ohio.

This guide provides Ohio parents of children with disabilities with information on multifactored evaluations (MFE). It begins by discussing the Intervention Assistance Team and what occurs at the assistance team meeting.  It also explains that to begin the multifactored evaluation process, the parent must complete a "Request for Parent Consent for Evaluation." A multifactored evaluation is described as a way to gather information from many sources about the student's strengths, needs, and learning styles. Members of the evaluation team are listed and include the student's parent, the student's teacher, a person qualified to conduct individual diagnostic assessment of children, and one or more individuals who has knowledge of the suspected disability, along with typical child development and the general education curriculum. The rest of the guide provides information on: (1) parent participation and rights; (2) dissenting opinions; (3) independent evaluations; (4) reevaluation; (5) areas that are evaluated; (6) common tests used for evaluations; (7) common IQ tests; (8) test scores; (9) how to decipher the scores to determine student performance; and (10) eligibility criteria for special education services. Copies of forms are provided for each step in the evaluation process.  This link will give you access the entire guide (80 pgs);